Designer corkscrew for sommelier, hotels and restaurants.

Are you looking for a unique corkscrew?

The spiral of this noble corkscrew was made from several metal splinters torn apart by explosives in a flaming furnace and forged layer by layer on a large old anvil with a hammer.


A selected piece of Zebrano wood from the area south of the Sahara, gives this specimen the necessary class to make it look idyllic and wild at the same time.


To complete the wild "eXo" collection from WILD DESIGN, this sommelier corkscrew is finished with a piece of sheet metal. Perforated with a real bullet hole from a fully automatic AK-47 assault rifle from a war zone.

"... 18 metal splinters were melted down and forged with a hammer into one piece - corkscrew spiral!"

Luxury corkscrews made of wood and metal by WILD DESIGN

A high-quality corkscrew made of metal and fine zebrano wood. With this metal screw-on bottle opener, any bottle of wine can be opened.