Customized hygienic screens.

Sneeze guard with pass-through.

Glass pane, PVC or acrylic glass protective shield against corona virus and to protect against other viruses. Protective pane with pass-through for pharmacies or counters.

Corona Virus protective customized pane with pass-through against COVID 19.

Mobile spitting protection.

Virus protection plexiglas wall - easy to clean and hygienic. Acrylic glass pane corona and spitting protection with pass-through. Easy to disinfect.

Mobile spitting protection against Corona Virus COVID 19 protective screen PVC.

Customized glas shield.

Glass and metal protective shield against COVID-19 and other viruses. Customized protection glass panels for cash registers and counters.

Corona Virus COVID 19 customized glas.

Anti virus protection shield for pharmacies, cash registers or medical practices, protection glass against COVID 19, corona virus protection glass for counters - made in Austria.