Exclusive trophies and awards made of wood and steel for exceptional moments and glorious days.

The Tuntenball Award 2020 - created by WILD DESIGN.

The Tuntenball Award 2020 designed by WILD DESIGN will be presented to representatives of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and the Championsleague/Bundesliga for the courageous project "Football for All".

Exclusive │ Timeless │ Powerful - From these three mighty pillars, this trophy was forged in fire to give strength and endurance to the one who was chosen to carry this award, so that he never stops believing in himself and fighting for what we have long been longing for.


A 150-year-old wooden beam, which has survived generations and difficult times, is now immortalized in this mystical trophy, to pass on endurance and determination to its bearer.


Ten millimetre thick - blasted stainless steel chains, as a sign of strength and freedom, choose this award. It is intended to give courage and a new perspective to all those who have already stopped dreaming.


Strength, action and freedom characterize this statue, because it is very important, especially in today's world, to set a sign and this sign can and should be off the mainstream.


Let us go new ways together - take action and be wild.

A golden trophy or award for the first place made of wood and steel designed by WILD DESIGN in St. Josef near Stainz. This trophy / award wins the Bundesliga and the ÖFB as a sign of the Golden Panthera for extraordinary success and courage.
Gold for Austria. This award goes to the winner of the Tuntenball 2020 in Graz. A trophy made of wood and steel created by WILD DESIGN for the Bundesliga/Championsleague and the ÖFB.