Set new standards, but outdoor!

A roof made of stainless steel or a bungalow with a terrace roof made of wood and steel.

Stainless steel. The top class of steels.

With the right choice of materials, such as stainless steel, your entrance gate or patio roofing will last forever. The shine and the weather resistance of this high-quality material will make your guests feel exclusive as soon as they enter the yard gate!

stainless steel

Aluminium. Colourful, light and solid.

An aluminium garden fence in the colour of your bungalow? No problem!

Aluminium has the ability to absorb almost all colours and RAL shades and to keep them for decades. Because of the lower density of this material compared to steel, it is also very light and we also like to use it for gates, balcony railings and roofing.


Wood. A noble and warming natural product.

The combination of wood and steel is something very special. The elegance of wood combines with the power of steel to create true masterpieces.

For outdoor use, we recommend hardwoods such as larch, oak or teak. Hardwood is very robust against external influences and is characterised by an attractive surface. A truly natural product.


Glass. Enchants and creates ambience.

For balcony balustrades or for a porch, glass is usually used in addition to wood. Glass is available in many designs. Mostly, however, stainless steel with frosted or darkened glass is used.

The big advantage of glass: it is translucent. Thus it provides a pleasant ambience, even if it should rain outside.


Steel. The all-rounder for more stability.

In our home country we find the raw material needed for steel production.

At the Styrian Erzberg, valuable ore has been mined for generations and then further processed into steel. Steel is characterised by its high stability, but must be painted, powder-coated or galvanised to protect it from the elements. Steel is mostly used for stairs, gates, roofing or in bridge construction.


Doors and gates.

Stainless steel entrance gates, yard gates, metal gates, stainless steel gates, wooden and steel garden door, stainless steel garden gate. High-quality entrance gates made to measure, because the first impression already counts.

gates steel


Garden fences made of wood and steel, stainless steel fence with glass, garden fences made of stainless steel/stainless steel with and without filling, fences made of stainless steel. Present size - according to your ideas, with garden fences made to measure.

wooden and steel fences


Stainless steel stairs for indoor and outdoor use, stainless steel or metal stairs, stainless steel stairs with glass.

We manufacture your stairs according to your wishes and ideas.

Stainless steel stairs for outdoor use, metal stairs, stainless steel steps, stairs made of stainless steel from Austria


Stainless steel railings, stainless steel railings with glass, balcony railings with glass, balcony railings made of stainless steel/stainless steel in combination with glass. Stainless steel railings and balcony railings from Austria.

Stainless steel railing with glass, balcony railing glass


Stainless steel canopies with glass, stainless steel canopies, stainless steel/stainless steel roof constructions, stainless steel canopies with glass, roof constructions for house building.

With stainless steel canopies you are well protected against all weather conditions.

Canopies for house building, stainless steel canopy, metal roof, roof constructions