Show size - but with style! Stainless steel garden fences.

Stainless steel garden fence, garden fences with and without filling.

There are many ideas and possibilities for stainless steel garden fences. Our custom-made fences are made 100% in Austria, from consultation and planning to production and assembly. Garden fences with and without filling made of stainless steel or wood and steel. WILD DESIGN - the specialist for high-quality and modern garden fences.

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Garden fences of wood and steel.

For metal - or timber garden fences there are many ways to protect them against the weather. The steel for the fence can be hot-dip galvanised or painted or powder coated in all colours. We also offer garden fences made of stainless steel in combination with glass, frosted glass or darkened glass.

No matter if metal fences or timber fences - get free advice from our garden fence expert.

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