A lifetime achievement of the wild way. WILD DESIGN.

Elegance that springs from timber, strength gathered through steel, and inimitability by design.

In the beginning there was timber, then came steel and the impressive handicraft skills of a metal worker of the enviable old school.


Down the line came the engineering and industrial design-driven knowledge, paired with enormous passion and an indomitable spirit to create something truly novel.


Today it is what we stand for, what makes us who we are, and what combines our designer artpieces made from timber and steel into a symbiosis, thereby attributing the priviledge of inimitability.



"be wild" by WILD DESIGN.

Ing. Andreas Treichler, Founder, CEO, Managing Director and General Manager of WILD DESIGN in St. Josef near Stainz. From a hunting squad soldier to a wild furniture designer with a woodcutter's axe south of Graz.

Ing. Andreas Treichler

Founder and Managing Director of WILD DESIGN.

Industrial Design Engineering
Higher technical college Graz
Mechanical Engineering
Higher technical college Vienna
Special Forces
Jagdkommando Wiener Neustadt

Steel construction technician | Metal technician
Apprenticeship and skilled worker Graz