Bar tables for true indulgence.

Think back of a balmy summer evening, with the warm breeze gently touching your shoulders.

In your hand a glass of wine, to perfect the casual atmosphere, and the irresistible smell of walnut in the air.

  • Austrian walnut combined with something special.
  • Brushed stainless steel from the Erzberg in Styria.
  • Timeless sleek design.
  • Made in Austria.


We can bring this feeling of joy to your home.

Stag antlers made of polished stainless steel and domestic walnut. WILD DESIGN offers table tops of the highest quality.
A standing bar table made of polished stainless steel from Erzberg and the solid wood top made of walnut. Best quality from WILD DESIGN.
Stainless steel and walnut - that's what this designer high bar table from WILD DESIGN offers.