Bar tables for the special pleasure.

Remember back on a mild summer evening with a light pinch of a soothing wind blowing over your shoulders.

Add to this the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere with a glass of wine in your hand and the unmistakable smell of walnut wood.

  • Austrian walnut in combination with something special.
  • Brushed stainless steel from the Styrian Erzberg.
  • Simple timeless design.
  • Made in Austria.


We bring this feeling of well-being to your home with a timber standing table or metal standing table from WILD DESIGN.

Deer antlers made of polished stainless steel and local walnut wood. WILD DESIGN offers table tops of the highest quality. A timber standing table from WILD DESIGN.
A timber bar table made of polished stainless steel from the Erzberg and the solid wood top made of walnut. Best quality from WILD DESIGN.
Stainless steel and nut, that is what this designed high table from WILD DESIGN offers.