Sustainability and responsibility - for the love of the environment.

Sustainability and the careful use of our natural resources are close to our hearts.

In order to be able to guarantee our customers a very high raw material quality, we at WILD DESIGN go a few steps further with "fair trade"!

We know where our precious raw materials come from, attach particular importance to transparency and ensure fair payment of raw material suppliers.

Ing. Andreas Treichler Managing Director of WILD DESIGN in St. Josef at the raw material supplier visit in Africa.

Give a smile to all those who truly deserve it and thus touch their hearts.

Our point of view: We are absolutely against exploitation and child labour.

We at WILD DESIGN give it back to nature!

After each individual - our finished masterpieces of wood and steel, we give the nature back what it deserves: life and uniqueness.


In order to keep this promise, we plant a tree after each project and so we can guarantee a resource-saving approach to our environment.

Ing. Andreas Treichler and his company are committed to the environmentally friendly use of our raw materials. Sustainability is a top priority at WILD DESIGN.

Sustainability - out of love to our nature.


We give each tree we have planted a name.

As unique as each of us is and as unique as our designer pieces are, our trees are too and they provide us with fresh oxygen every day.


Environmental protection is an important part of the corporate philosophy of WILD DESIGN.

Think together for a green planet.
Sustainability out of love to our nature.
We think today about tomorrow for a green life.