An exclusive designer bar table for the gastronomy.

Splendid, shimmering and a robust construction characterise this height-adjustable stainless steel bar table - an elegant bar table for special moments.


Not only the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt loved the shining precious metal, kings and pirates also presented themselves with precious jewellery and stored boxes full of gold.


It is an element that has provided wealth and prosperity for thousands of years.

We have given this bar table this special touch and thus created a masterpiece.

"Welcome to the majors. 24 carat gold with a fineness of 99.9% characterizes this luxury bar table!"

Designer furniture, home accessories and luxury chalet furnishings by WILD DESIGN golden line. A stainless steel bar table in gold for outdoor use or for the terrace.

A brilliant masterpiece, created for the luxury sector.

A square bar table for outdoor use. This stainless steel high table/bar table was covered with fine gold and now finds its place on an outdoor terrace.