High quality furniture accessories and exclusive designer pieces made of gold.

Gold with 24 carat - highest quality for glamorous moments.

Luxury bar table for Nobel Restaurant Furnishings in gastronomy gold-plated and stainless steel

Applied art, traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From these three pillars, individual home accessories, interior accessories, chalet accessories, high-quality furnishing accessories and exclusive home accessories of the best quality are created.


WILD DESIGN presents true masterpieces in the "golden line"!

Each of our handmade works of art is completed with 24 carat fine gold.


Unique pieces, art furniture made of stainless steel, handmade solid wood furniture, furniture design, handmade works of art, stainless steel furniture for gastronomy from Austria.


Buy sculptures made of steel or stainless steel for living rooms, gardens, restaurants and hotels online. Here you have the possibility to buy modern sculptures or welded sculptures from the metal artist.


Gold - a millennium old precious metal, which is still a symbol of luxury.

Goldstein wine cooler

A handmade work of art for the special occasion. A wine cooler made of wood, stainless steel and a stone, recovered from a depth of 2140 meters.

Modern designer bar table goldet

Designer bar table

A high quality designer bar table for the gastronomy, covered with 24 carat fine gold. This robust bar table with square top is a masterpiece.