High quality interior accessories from the ruins of a legend.

With this collection of exclusive home accessories, WILD DESIGN once again underlines its unique wild style. The collection "eXo" is characterized by the fact that high-quality interior accessories are manufactured with specially selected metal parts from African war zones.

Bullet holes of an assault rifle in a metal part presented in the collection eXo by WILD DESIGN

"...the most dangerous collection of WILD DESIGN!"

It was a Sunday in 1993 when special forces of the US Army Rangers and the Delta Force had the task of arresting high-ranking followers of an African warlord. During the attempt a helicopter of the type MH-60 Black Hawk was shot down and had to make an emergency landing.


The elite soldiers fought for their survival ... 


In order to be able to understand what happened, we wanted to get a picture on site and came across something that should not have been forgotten.


Metal splinters shredded by explosives or sheet metal parts with bullet holes in combination with real African precious wood, create unique prestige pieces.


WILD DESIGN shows its wildest side with the "eXo" collection.

Noble corkscrew


A noble bottle opener or corkscrew made of wood and steel. Old iron meets the best quality wood.

Modern knife block

Knife block

Breathtaking and masterly at the same time!

This knife block has its own story!


It was a particularly difficult task to find a suitable plate in all the rubble lying around.