A magnetic knife block in a modern design.

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Every battle has its dark side. This modern knife block is called "Swart Siel", the black soul of war. What we mean by this is that every war usually ends in slaughter - cruel and without mercy.


Burnt wood give this magnetic knife block made of wood and iron a fancy design. What once served as protection against attack is now incorporated at the bottom for the stable fixation of this black knife block - a piece of metal from a battle tank.


A "Masterclass Knife Block" with magnets and a piece - torn apart by explosives - of sheet metal from a still ongoing crisis area.


The unique knife block from the "eXo" collection by WILD DESIGN.

A knife block with magnet - we are happy to provide advice and create a unique piece for you too.

Magnetic knife block with modern design

This high-quality knife block made of wood and metal is magnetic on both sides and finished with a sheet metal part torn by explosives.