WILD DESIGN creates exclusive designer pieces made of wood and steel, built to last and bursting with wild style!

Black bar stool made of stainless steel with solid walnut top by WILD DESIGN for modern designer furniture.

Most of the time it’s the desire for something different, something new – something uniquely wild!


We offer you solidly built and wildly styled designer pieces. Made by hand from exquisite raw materials sourced around the world.


Whether you wish to invigorate your home, bar or restaurant, or even the first class suite of your luxury hotel, our team at WILD DESIGN will gladly assist you in the process!


From idea to finish, our masterpieces are custom-made craftsmanship.

We love to design wild and solid art. We live our passion each and every day at WILD DESIGN.

Exclusive designer pieces, made for eternity!

Welcome to the world of WILD DESIGN.

Bar stool made of solid stainless steel in black matt and walnut wood. The wild design with the bull or longhorn gives the luxury piece of furniture the unique look. Fits an American Bar or Saloon. Naturally from WILD DESIGN.
Black matt coffee table or living room table for a relaxed atmosphere with solid European walnut and stainless steel with bears. WILD DESIGN has placed special emphasis on the wild and massive design.

Gold plated sideboard (shelf, wine rack or drinks cabinet) from WILD DESIGN with royal African lion and Zebrano wood from Africa. A piece of luxury furniture for the interior design of a luxury villa. With Château Pétrus (Petrus) wine 1982.
Bar table made of solid walnut top and polished stainless steel from Erzberg. Solid and wildly created by WILD DESIGN.

Stool with bear and fur. Stainless steel meets solid walnut. A true masterpiece in luxury. Solidly created modern designer furniture from WILD DESIGN.
The classic bar stool. Created by WILD DESIGN for a bar interior in a cool look or American style with bull or longhorn. Black bar stool matching a bar interior of a restaurant. Developed by WILD DESIGN.

Polished stainless steel with African zebrano wood. WILD DESIGN brings the African flair into your home through the lion. A wall shelf or sideboard of best quality in the field of luxury furniture.
Drink a cup of coffee in the coffee house or living room and relax. WILD DESIGN offers here the suitable designer furniture, a coffee table or a living room table of the wild kind.

Ground or polished stainless steel from the Styrian Erzberg, solid walnut from Austria and a stag as a symbol of home. This high table is particularly convincing due to its domestic design. A modern designer piece of furniture by WILD DESIGN
Polished stainless steel stag in a European walnut wood top, matching any wooden tabletop. Of course best quality and wild look from WILD DESIGN.